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Financial Planning

At Freedom Finance Australia, we assist clients to get their financial affairs in order to set the foundations for a solid future. Our Financial Advisers first establish a clear picture of your current financial situation and then assess these against your future goals whilst ensuring they are suited to your needs and objectives.

Our financial planning services cover:


 Why should I seek advice?

While most people can manage their day-to-day money issues, planning raises issues that you would not normally have to deal with, such as:

  • Do you have the time to undertake the research and implementation for a detailed long-term plan?
  • Do you know how to calculate how much you will need to save or invest to achieve the goals you have set?
  • Can you keep up with constant changes in laws and regulations in tax, superannuation and social security?
  • Are you on top of economic developments and market movements?
  • Do you understand the huge range of investment and insurance products available and what will be most appropriate for your own personal situation?
  • Do you have specific expertise in investment research, risk return profiles or asset allocation strategies?

By seeking financial advice you can delegate all of these tasks to a professional who has the appropriate expertise, knowledge and time to take care of the paperwork. Our advisers are trained and experienced specialists who dedicate their career to helping people map out a course toward their financial goals and plan a strategy to get there. They have the resources and technical support needed to provide comprehensive and objective advice. They are there to do the legwork, so that you can get on with life.


When should I seek advice?

Many people go to see a financial adviser at significant moments in their life where finances become increasingly important such as:

  • getting married and starting a family
  • taking time out for holidays
  • starting a business
  • selling or growing a business
  • paying off the mortgage
  • receiving a pay rise
  • suffering a serious illness or injury
  • undergoing relationship problems such as separation or divorce
  • being made redundant
  • working out how to provide financial assistance for ageing relatives
  • receiving an inheritance
  • making a sea change
  • caring for grandchildren
  • planning for care in later life.

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