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Corporate Solutions

Freedom Finance Australia is experienced in providing effective employer solutions for corporate benefits. We currently manage over 100 employer superannuation and insurance plans; from small businesses to international corporations and their subsidiaries.

As we are a third party we are able to take an objective approach to analysing your employee benefit schemes and provide constructive advice as to whether or not it is the most appropriate solution for your employee’s needs.

From there we can help you identify the most effective product solutions and provide you with comprehensive client services, including education and support for your employees, to assist you in achieving a stress free and easy to manage solution for your business.

Product Solutions

As an employer, it is imperative that the superannuation and insurance cover included in your employee benefit scheme is the best you can provide. As such, Freedom Finance Australia is able to objectively compare your current scheme to the market benchmarks by measuring and evaluating fund design, fees, performance and member services.

Freedom Finance Australia will assist in tender management by utilising our extensive industry experience, contacts and research databases to assist you in developing a solution that is well-suited to your business goals and values

Freedom Finance Australia will assist with any transitions to a new fund or group insurance policy is as smooth as possible by managing any implementation and communicating with any chosen providers.

Corporate superannuation

Superannuation is a legislative requirement that doesn’t have to be an extra administrative burden on your company.  By carefully selecting a plan that best suits your company, you can make your Super Scheme work for you while also underpinning the quality of the salary package offered to new and existing employees.

Group Insurances

Group insurance plans are products designed to be provided to members or a particular group, in this case, employees of your business.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance plans are designed to provide wealth protection to members in the event of death and or total and permanent disability. In particular, this plan is designed to provide for the member, their family and or dependants through a lump sum benefit.

Group Salary Continuance

Group Salary Continuance plans are designed to protect your employees against loss of salary due to an illness or injury, for varying lengths of time depending on the plan design. These plans are also a useful management tool, allowing mitigation of distractions and obligations to the company by forward planning. When a successful claim is lodged, the cost of the employees’ loss of salary is successfully transferred to a third party (the insurance provider).

Contact us to find out more information about the right group insurance plans for you.

Employer Services

Our corporate clients can take advantage of our wide range of services to assist in managing their employee benefit schemes and enhance the services available to their employees.

Education and Information

Freedom Finance Australia will provide your employees with information, educational tools and seminars to educate them on the benefits available to them within their corporate superannuation and group insurance plans. We will also assist your employees with the administration, management and any general queries in relation to these plans or their specific accounts.

Claims Management

If an employee suffers from illness, an injury, or suddenly passes away, we will act as a third party between the company, employee and insurer so that all information is kept private and confidential. By utilising our many years of experience, we can assist in relieving some of the emotional burden from the company and assist in achieving a favourable outcome for both employer and employee.

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